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· Australians with CF need access to life-changing treatments to extend and improve life
· Orkambi tackle's the disease rather than just CF symptoms
· Clinical trials showed that…
     - 96 week trial outcomes … Orkambi showed a reduction in lung damage 40% less than general CF cohort
     - LUNG FUNCTION was preserved and further decline was halted, relative FEV1 increased by 4.8% and a sustained improvement was evident…
     - EXACERBATIONS reduced, as did hospitalisations and antibiotic use.
     - Reduced Exacerbations by 39% Hospitalisations by 61% Antibiotic use reduced by 56%
     - NUTRITION improved, as did BMI and diabetes is less likely or less severe symptoms will be experienced.
     - MENTAL HEALTH and QUALITY OF LIFE improved. Social inclusion, employment and education participation increase. Personal and family stress was reduced resulting in less depression/anxiety for patients, parents and support networks

About Bronchitol by Pharmaxis

  1. Bronchitol portable mucus clearance agent (inhaled mannitol powder)
  2. Bronchitol is available on the PBS but it can’t be used in combination with nebulised Pulmozyme which is also on the PBS
  3. People with CF must access to the best most effective medicines
  4. For many with CF a combined Bronchitol and Pulmozyme regime is most effective
  5. The CF community want access to both PBS funded Bronchitol and PBS funded Pulmozyme. Patients should be able to use a combination of both treatments.
  6. Every individual should have access to a variety of treatments which are tailored to their disease and situation.
  7. Bronchitol has been studied in over 1000 CF clinical trial patients. Bronchitol has been shown in those people
    1. to be safe
    2. to significantly improve mucus clearance
    3. to significantly improve lung function
    4. to reduce exacerbations of their lung disease.
  8. The Bronchitol delivery devise (a small handheld inhaler) is compact, portable and easy to use
  9. Currently, the only way to access Bronchitol (if a patient is using Pulmozyme) is via a compassionate use program
  10. Compassionate access can make prescribing complicated for clinics and patients
  11. Many people are not offered Bronchitol as a treatment option.
  12. Pharmaxis is the small Australian company