Membership of CFACT is free but must be renewed every 12 months. To help us continue to provide a high standard of support and services, please consider making a donation here 

Benefits of CFACT Membership include:

  • For Individuals living with CF:
    • Annual supply of VitABDECK
    • Financial assistance for programs and equipment to help manage your CF
      • $1,000 per annum for adults
      • $500 per annum for children
  • For all members:
    • A vote at a general meeting including the AGM. One membership equals one vote
    • The CF Information Newsletter
    • Updates on CF events and activities
    • Priority booking for CFACT events

2017 Membership Form

Client Member: adult with cystic fibrosis or you have a child with cystic fibrosis under 18 years.


General Member: Parents of adults, extended family, health professionals and supporters.