Boarded Up - Delux Winter Warmer pack

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Bring your family and friends to you and indulge in a lazy evening in, to brighten the mood, with a get-together filled with colourful board games and aromatic comfort food and wine. The Delux Winter Warmer ($40) pack includes everything you will need for a successful night including printed invites, cards, CF Boarded Up Challenge, bottle of wine, apron, cook book and a prize for your winning Gamer! Living with cystic fibrosis for young adults can become very socially isolating. This is caused by vigorous treatment regimes, hospitalisations, and the risk of contracting lung infections that cause a decline in lung function. Time spent with friends, family and being active in the community are reduced. Add winter to the mix and hibernation becomes a reality. Understanding and overcoming social isolation when living with cystic fibrosis can become very difficult and an added burden. You can make a difference to their lives every day, by becoming a host! We have designed Boarded Up to be as laid back or as unique as you like. You can dust off your own game or take on our unique Challenge. Serve up your specialty or select an item from our recipe book. Either way, invite your guests over and ask them to make a donation in lieu of what they might spend on a night out. Thanks to our sponsors we have loads of items to complement your night including prizes for your Boarded Up champion, as well as food and wine to complement your taste buds. Winter is coming... game on!