Living With CF


Cystic Fibrosis is a genetic condition which currently has no cure. Therefore ongoing research is dedicated to improving the quality of life for people living with CF as well as advancing treatments in which to reduce symptoms and the affect they have on the body. Living with CF is all about the routine – mainly in the morning and night time, but constantly throughout each day. 

The treatments and routines vary dramatically from person to person, but the importance is the same. It is because of the advancements in medical research that there is the option to treat people with CF from home and increase their quality of life.This routine can consist of one or two nebulisers every morning and every night with physio sessions in between, up to 40 tablets per day consisting of enzymes each time you eat and antibiotics. On top of this there is the constant need to incorporate as much exercises into each day to keep the lungs active, making sure you eat enough nutrients and healthy fats to maintain a healthy body weight and avoid malnutrition.

It is important to make sure you are well rested and keep on top of things which is harder for some than it is others, but it’s a full time job. If you let your guard down and don’t keep up this routine, people living with CF will find themselves in hospital. Hospitalisations can consist of at least 2 weeks receiving intense physio therapy and strong antibiotics administered through an IV drip. People with CF can be admitted into hospital from 1 up to 6 times per year.Outside of hospital there are specialist and CF specific clinics where people with CF visit regularly to be tested and monitor their health.

This information is just the basic outline of living with CF – each individual can have more or less to juggle everyday on top of going to school or trying to maintain a full time job. To find out more about CF go to about CF