Cystic Fibrosis Federation

Cystic Fibrosis organisations in Australia provide support and services to people with Cystic Fibrosis (CF) and their carers and families. This is complemented by a commitment to research and a quality improvement program focussing on improved clinical care for people with CF. Each State and Territory (except Northern Territory) has a Cystic Fibrosis organisation devoted to providing a range of support services. These include counselling, information workshops and seminars, case management, comprehensive home care services and professional development for allied health personnel, financial support to take part in physical activities, information on cystic fibrosis for key milestones in a persons development such as, for newly diagnosed parents, for teenagers transitioning from a children’s hospital to an adult hospital and issues people face as an adult CF.

Services vary across States and Territories depending on availability of funding, gaps in health care service provision, capacity and need. All State and Territory Cystic Fibrosis organisations are members of Cystic Fibrosis Australia and work collaboratively together to increase awareness, provide essential services and support research and advocacy initiatives. In addition to encouraging cohesion amongst State and Territory bodies, Cystic Fibrosis Australia manages the CF data registry, leads the national research program, conducts a biennial CF Conference, and supports the quality improvement program including the clinic peer review program and the CF Standards of Care and Infection Control Guidelines.   Families affected by CF and health professionals are encouraged to access services available from each of the CF organisations.

For a full description of the level and type of services and support available please click here to contact the local or national CF organisation directly.