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The Cystic Fibrosis Community Care (CFCC) Board is governed by a cross-section of expert professionals from a range of fields including business, respiratory medicine, accounting, IT and legal. The Board members are unified by their particular interest in advancing the mission of CFCC.

  • Ross Fraser is serving as the inaugural Chair of the CFCC Board having served on the Board of CFV for the last five years, the last three as Chair. He is a professional engineer and business adviser.
  • Jong Chung is a professional accountant and entrepreneur who has been on the board of CF NSW since 2006.
  • Keith Cleary held senior operational and contract management positions in major corporations. After several years’ absence Keith re-joined the CFNSW board in 2015.
  • Katherine Kaspar joined the CFV Board in 2012. She is a lawyer and currently the CEO of a large superannuation fund.
  • Stuart McCulloch is a lawyer and has served on the board of CFNSW since 2010.
  • Julie Noornan is an IT professional and has served on the CFV Board since 2012.
  • A/Prof Sarath Ranganathan is a paediatric CF respiratory specialist in practice at the Royal Hospital for Children in Melbourne.
  • Bryson Vaughan is an IT strategist and CF advocate. He has served on the CF Australia (CFA) and CFNSW boards for over 20 years.

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