Financial Assistance

CFSA appreciates that the physical effects and medical costs associated with having a chronic illness such as Cystic Fibrosis can be an overwhelming burden to the individual and their family; therefore, CFSA offers a range of subsidies to people with Cystic Fibrosis and their families to assist with the expenses essential for maintaining health and wellbeing.


These subsidies include (for all members/families with CF):

  • Emergency Financial Assistance –for essential services such as electricity, water, telephone and other bills.
  • Equipment – for the cost of medical equipment (nebulisers, physio tables).
  • Transplant assistance – to assist with the cost of relocation and living interstate during lung transplantation and recovery.
  • Junior Fitness Subsidy for under 16 year olds - to assist with costs of sports equipment, required clothing, registration fees or lessons
  • Hospital in the Home and Pre-Transplant cleaning and meal delivery


The following subsidies are only available to adults with CF 16+:

  • Pharmaceutical – partial reimbursement for the cost of CF related medications.
  • Fitness – for the cost of gym membership, the purchase of gym/sports equipment and/or sports club fees.
  • Education Grants - one off grants for adults with CF who are pursuing post-high school studies.*
  • RAH TV Hire - partial reimbursement of the weekly TV hire costs for adults with CF during RAH admissions.
  • Careers Guidance - One off grant to assist those looking for training and employment. Incldues 2 sessions with a councellor at Perfect Pathways plus resume update.


While CFSA endeavours to assist members as much as possible, there are limits on the amount of money for each subsidy which can be accessed by members each year and some subsidies also have eligibility requirements which members must meet in order to access the service. All financial subsidies require official invoices or receipts to be presented in a timely manner by the financial member. If you would like more information on any of these financial subsidies, please contact the CFSA office.

* Application processes apply