Sibling and Offspring Support Program

CFSA recognises that young siblings and offspring of people with Cystic Fibrosis can often feel left out, and so CFSA is currently offering an activity a couple of times a year for siblings and offspring aged 7-17 to build confidence, self-esteem, teamwork and leadership skills, as well as providing these young people with the chance to share their experiences and have some fun with other young carers.

CFSA can also provide information and educational resources for young siblings and offspring of people with CF to help improve their understanding of the condition, and the role that they can play in assisting their ill brother, sister or parent.

If your child is interested in attending one of these fun activities please contact Nicky Titchener at [email protected] for further information and upcoming dates.  The sibling(s) can attend the activity with a parent.  To access you need to have current family membership.