From time to time CFSA receives substantial funding from generous organisations and individuals which allow us to undertake special projects.

Australian Hotels Association

CFSA are excited by the support of the Australian Hotels Association, who, in December 2012, approved funding of $30 000 for the purchase of equipment to support our community. The support of AHA provides CFSA with a unique opportunity to engage with individuals and families across the CF community to actively address the financial barriers to purchasing vital equipment such as nebulisers, which are used on a daily basis to provide drug treatments. Thank you to the Australian Hotels Association (AHA) for supporting CFSA to deliver a tangible outcome to reach our vision of 'lives unaffected by CF'.

Little Heroes Foundation

In January 2013 the generous team at Little Heroes Foundation awarded Cystic Fibrosis South Australia (CFSA) with funding to run a project which would provide over 40 children with Cystic Fibrosis (CF) with quality nebulisers at no cost to the family. The Little Heroes Nebuliser Project (the Project) is a simple comparative study between two quality nebulisers; the eFlow Rapid and the Aeroneb Go. Both nebulisers are compact, mobile, quiet and most importantly, they deliver inhaled medications effectively into the lungs at a fast rate. The Project’s main hypothesis suggests that all these factors will lead to an improved quality of life for people with CF who use the eFlow Rapid or the Aeroneb Go. With a substantial difference in price between the eFlow Rapid and the Aeroneb Go (including both upfront costs and ongoing maintenance costs) CFSA are interested in comparing the two nebuliser models to see if there are any major differences in the efficacy of each model which may justify the higher cost of the eFlow model. This secondary focus of the Project will assist CFSA with making recommendations and providing information to members on the best nebuliser for their needs.