E-Newsletters - Don't miss out

CFT regularly sends out electronic newsletters directly to members and supporters via email.  Whilst we will continue to offer three editions of CFT News throughout the year, the lead in time for production and mailing means that often we need to let you know about something more quickly.  The electronic and printed issues of CFT News will continue to focus on services available to members, inspirational stories from the CF community, information on the latest research, advocacy issues and handy tips from the clinics.  

Often we have information for you that we know you will want to know about quickly.  This includes subsidies for conferences, dates for educational and fundraising events, advocacy issues, special offers and requests for help with CFT activities.  We make it as easy as possible for you to respond to these issues with links to email CFT about them, links to registration and application forms and web links.   When reading CFT E-News a few clicks will allow you to engage with us.

All financial members of CFT are automatically added to the CFT E-News mailing list. However you don’t need to be a member to receive CFT E-News.   We welcome our supporters, sponsors and other community groups to sign up for CFT E-News to keep in touch with our activities and information.


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