CFT recognises the financial strain that CF places on those impacted by CF and provides financial assistance for members under a range of different policies.


These include:

Special Financial Assistance

For cases of severe hardship or special circumstances such as offsetting the costs of operations carried out interstate (apart from transplants)

Download Special Financial Assistance Policy     Download Special Financial Assistance application form

Transplant Assistance   

Financial assistance following an organ transplant.

Download Transplant assistance Policy     Download Transplant assistance application form

Gym Membership

A financial contribution towards a gym membership

Download Gym Membership assistance policy    Download Gym Membership assistance application form

Counselling Assistance 

“No gap” financial assistance for consultations with a registered Psychologist or Psychiatrist.

Download Counseling assistance Policy            Download Counseling assistance application form

Aaron Mackrill Memorial Scholarship 

A scholarship to assist people with CF undertaking post-compulsory education or training.

Download Aaron MacKrill Scholarship Information sheet     Dowload Aaron MacKrill Scholarship application form

Paediatric Hospital Assistance 

A small allowance to assist families of paediatric patients with some of the additional expenses incurred during hospitalisations of four days or longer.

Download Paediatric Hospital assistance policy    Download Paedeatric Hospital Assistance application form


From time to time CFT also offers a range of other funding opportunities such as financial assistance towards attending the Australasian CF Conference (held every two years).


All applications will be considered against the relevent policies.


Please contact the CFT office on [email protected] if you have any questions regarding any of the information on this page.