Fundraise for CFT

CFT is a community based organisation that receives no government funding. Therefore we rely on you to ensure that we can continue to provide support to our community.

We conduct a number of events each year to raise money and awareness so that we can provide the necessary services.

65 Roses Fundraising Campaign

65 Roses is the major fundraising campaign for Cystic Fibrosis Tasmania. The “65 Roses” story dates back to 1965 when an observant 4-year-old, hearing the name of his disease for the first time, pronounced cystic fibrosis as "65 Roses." Today, “65 Roses” is a term often used by young children with cystic fibrosis to pronounce the name of their disease.

CFT receives no Government funding. We have to fundraise to provide all the services to our members.   These services include providing life saving medical equipment such as nebulisers to assist with airway clearance, advocacy and respite services, financial support and much more.  

Every May is 65 Roses month.   During this time CFT runs a number of events such as lunches and high teas.  65 Roses Day is the last Friday in May.  This year it is Friday 26th May 2017.   On that day we carry out street collections in cities and towns around Tasmania, as well as holding a number of merchandise stalls in shopping centres.  Volunteers are always required for these activities.  If you are able to donate 1-2 hours of your time that week it would greatly assist our fundraising efforts.   The more volunteers we have, the more areas we can cover and the more funds we can raise.

Please join us as a volunteer by emailing the CFT office at [email protected]

Community Fundraising Ideas

Have you thought of raising funds for your own challenge, or asking people to donate to support your participation in any organised fun run, sporting or community event?

If you wish to do some fundraising for CFT, but not sure what, here are some great ideas: A_Z Fundraising Ideas


The 65 Roses Challenge

Do you want to make a difference to the life of someone with CF?  You can by taking the 65 Roses Challenge next May.  Get involved by hosting or taking part in a fundraising event based around the number '65'.  

This year saw people selling cupcakes for $4.65 (Four Sixty Five), photographing 65 smiles, playing 65 holes of golf during May and the list goes on.  The challenge that you set for yourself is only limited by your imagination.


New 65 Roses challenge logo