Educational Programs

CFT organises a bi-annual mini conference and information sessions for hospital staff, parents, carers, family and friends of people with CF.

In addition, CFT provides a contribution towards members wishing to attend national CF conferences.

The Association also organises guest speakers and educational material for those wishing to understand about CF.

The next CFT Mini Conference will be held in 2018

2017 CFT Mini Conference

 The 2017 Mini Conference was held on Saturday 18th March 2017 at Hadley’s Orient Hotel, Hobart. 


This event, offered free of charge to current CFT members, provided participants with an opportunity to hear from a range of speakers on topics including Bone Health, Diagnosis and the Early Years, CF and Reproductive Health, personal perspectives, Physiotherapy Techniques, CF Related Diabetes and PICC Lines and Ports.


The keynote speaker was Dr Shivanthan Shanthikumar, Respiratory Fellow at the Royal Childrens’ Hospital in Melbourne.   Dr Shanthikumar’s presentation was entitled "Treatments that improve CFTR function"


Thank you to those speakers who made their presentations available for us to share more broadly. They can be accessed below:



Our keynote speaker, Dr Shanthikumar has made available a copy of his  presentation entitled "New Therapies in CF " and you can find it here.   Some of Dr Shanthikumar’s presentation doesn’t have written explanations adjacent to diagrams, as these were verbally explained to participants.    You may find it useful to also refer to this document “Understanding Gene Mutation”.