Adult Support

Comprehensive Home Care
This program is designed to assist with physiotherapy and exercise at home. For more information, see Home Care

Transition assistance
Provides support during transition from PMH to SCGH. For more information, see Transition support

Formal and informal counselling is available to members, their carers and families for support with a range of issues associated with living with CF. For more information, see Counselling

Life Coaching
Life coaching is a free non-threatening process of identifying goals and developing strategies to achieve them. For more information, click here

Education & Information
Workplace, community or family education sessions are available along with a range of educational material. For more information, see Education & Information

Equipment for loan
Cystic Fibrosis Western Australia has a range of equipment available for loan to members, including nebulisers and exercise and physiotherapy equipment. For more information, see Equipment.
CFWA can also assist you with an equipment subsidy of up to $200 per year to put towards exercise or physiotherapy equipment. All you need to do is send us your receipt and fill in the application form with your bank details. To apply, click here

A range of recreational support events are on offer to adults, including Parent’s Retreat, Ladies Pamper Day and Break for the Blokes. For more information, see Support Events

Hospital Support
CFWA provides ‘Hospital Survival Kits’ to adults with CF who are admitted to the SCGH or RPH ward for more than one day. The packs contain a range snacks, food vouchers, toiletries, puzzle books and magazines.
Free wi-fi is available on the ward at SCGH. Ward clerk on G54 can provide the password during an admission.

Library/RED room
For information on our resources or how to borrow from our library go to the Library section under Resources heading, or to go here for information on the RED Room

The services team are available to visit regional areas. For more information or to arrange a visit please contact Kathryn Pekin

A range of subsidies are available to our members. For more information, please see Subsidies section

CFTV a DVD designed for young adults with CF featuring tips for living with the illness featuring other young and older adults with CF.  For more information please contact Natalie Amos