Counselling and General Support


Formal and informal counselling is available to members, their carers and families for support with a range of issues associated with living with CF.

Where an issue has become a particular obstacle to the continued well-being of the person affected by CF and their care giver, confidential discussion can result in a better understanding and awareness of the problem, the options and choices, or decisions in achieving a desired or satisfactory outcome. This may include initially working with the person on a one-to-one basis, advocacy, or the need for a referral to, or link with, a more appropriate service specialised in the particular field of concern.

    Parent Support Network

    This formal network initiated by CFWA links parents of newly diagnosed babies and children with members of the Association who have volunteered to share their experience in caring for a child affected by CF.

    Where a new parent has a concern or issue they would like to discuss with someone who has faced similar concerns, they can be put in touch with a parent from the support network. This is an individualised and confidential service that has a pathway for arranging the mutual contact.

    If you would like to access counselling or the Parent Support Network, please contact Kathryn our Social Worker on 6457 7348 or email [email protected]