Education and Information 

School Education

Our Education Officer can provide CF education sessions for teachers and students. The sessions are designed to:

  • enable people with CF to integrate within the normal schooling environment and achieve educational milestones
  • provide information, awareness and discussion with teachers and staff about CF
  • provide an education lesson in the classroom to promote awareness and infection control. The lessons are tailored to the age group of the class and are available for primary to secondary students.

The CFSmart program provides a range of educational resources about CF for teachers, parents and students. The program has been developed by CFWA with input from Cystic Fibrosis Victoria, parents, teachers and health professionals from around Australia.

Click here to view the CFSmart website.

Contact [email protected] or phone 08 6457 7337 to book an education session or for more information.

Community Education

Our Education Officer is also available to provide education sessions to various community groups, including, but not limited to:

  • day care centres
  • extended family members
  • workplaces
  • other community groups

Details about CF Presentations

Type of Presentation Duration Information

Teacher Professional Development

30 – 45 mins

A summary on CF and how it affects a student (according to age) in the school environment.

Teacher/ parent case conference

60 mins

The education officer can attend a case conference between the parent and teacher or deputy/principal to provide general information about CF and available resources for teachers, parents and students.


45 – 60 mins

A lesson tailored to the age group, involving a presentation about CF and an activity.

Other parents

30 – 45 mins

Can be done at a parent information night at the beginning of the year.

A brief summary of what CF is, how it affects the student, and what this means in a classroom situation.

Family groups

45 – 60 mins

Can be done as a PowerPoint or more informally.


Health Professional Education

Education Sessions

Our Nurse Educator can provide CF education to nurses, physiotherapists, GPs and other allied health professionals; particularly targeting those in regional areas of WA.

    Contact [email protected] or phone 08 6457 7347 for more information.

    Regional Respiratory Training Program

    Each year we run a five day training program for regional nurses and physiotherapists, incorporating most aspects of respiratory illness including an overview of: CF, bronchiectasis, COPD, spirometry, PICC lines, infusaports, oxygen therapy, respiratory pharmaceuticals, nutrition, diabetes, asthma and airway clearance.

    All costs are covered by CFWA, funded by the Health Department. 

    If you would like more information please contact [email protected] or phone 08 6457 7348.

    Information Packs/Resources

    We can provide targetted information packs for members, the general public, schools, medical centres and community groups. Alternatively you can access our resources online here.

    To receive any hard copy resources please email [email protected] or phone 08 6457 7337.