Comprehensive Home Care Support

The Comprehensive Home Care (CHC) program is funded by the West Australian Department of Health.

It is designed to provide treatment and/or assistance in the home for people with CF, thereby reducing the incidence or length of hospitalisation.

CHC is available by referral to us from your CF primary care centre and is described as an early intervention or early discharge package of care. It covers:

  • assistance with physiotherapy and exercise programs
  • counselling and general support
  • education and general information
  • newly diagnosed physiotherapy service
  • assistance with transition from PMH to SCGH 
  • pre and post transplant support
  • extra assistance at times of need (eg pregnancy, carer illness, crisis situations)

The services in this program are available to patients in the Perth Metropolitan, Mandurah and Bunbury areas. Other country clients may have a local HACC worker trained up by our physiotherapist to provide a similar service.

Packages are reviewed on a three monthly basis and may be for early intervention, early discharge or ongoing assistance with airway clearance and exercise by trained Home Care Workers, under the supervision of our Nurse and Physiotherapist.

Membership of CFWA is not a requirement for this service.

For further information about this service please email [email protected] or phone 08 6475 7334.