Newly Diagnosed Support

The Newly Diagnosed Program has been developed to offer support for parents and extended family members following the diagnosis of CF. 

Support Pack

A support pack will be presented to the family at PMH on behalf of CFWA containing information about CF and the services provided by CFWA. The packs include:

  • A free CFWA membership form
  • Contact details for the social worker, community nurse and physiotherapist
  • New born baby essentials to make life easier during this difficult adjustment period
  • Information brochures

Social Work and General Support

Having a newborn diagnosed with CF can raise some emotional issues for families. CFWA can provide general support, counselling and social work support.

Contact [email protected] or phone 08 6457 7348 for more information.

Community Nurse Support

Our community nurse can offer support in the early weeks by meeting with you in the comfort of your home to answer questions, offer support information and individual care advice given at diagnosis. The nurse can assist in establishing a routine in consultation with the PMH CF clinic.

Contact [email protected] or phone 08 6457 7346 for more information.

Physiotherapy Support

In home and phone support is available.

CFWA also have a variety of equipment available for loan such as nebulisers.

Contact [email protected] or phone 08 6457 7334 for more information.

'New Diagnosis Information for Parents' Booklet

Click here for our newly diagnosed support booklet with information, personal stories and helpful resources.