Transplant Support

Positive Profiles Book

This book shares inspirational lung transplant journeys from 15 Western Australian adults. This book is made possible with the support of Connect Groups.

CFWA have developed a Transplant Support Program to support individuals both in the lead up to, and following a lung transplant.

Pre-transplant support may include:

  • a home care worker for assistance with airway clearance and exercise, as well as support with light cleaning.
  • access to counselling from our social worker.
  • a ‘buddy program’ whereby people who are waiting transplant can be mentored/supported by somone who has already been through the process. 
  • our 'Positive Profiles' booklet, where 15 inspirational West Australians share their lung transplant journey.

Post-transplant support includes:

  • personal trainer support with exercise.
  • annual support day.
  • annual dinner for members and their partner.

For further information about the Transplant Support Program please contact [email protected] or phone 08 6457 7348